The beauty world is changing fast + sustainability is at the forefront of this much-needed industry-wide transformation. From refills to recyclable, plastic-free + more, it can get overwhelming. So chances are you’re probably wondering, where do you even begin? Let us help. 

Sustainable beauty is not complicated, and really it starts with you making a conscious choice to live more sustainably - in your beauty cabinet and beyond. Here are our top six things you can start doing right this second to make your beauty regime more sustainable:


We all have a little beauty stash we’ve built up over the years - from the late night purchases to the payday splurges, you’ve probably got a whole host of products that haven’t gotten much love recently. This is the best place to start. So you don’t have to rush out and buy the latest eco-beauty trend to be sustainable - use what you already have and only buy when necessary.


Fun fact: silicones reside in our hair, skin + body care to but they are actually liquid plastic. That’s right, silicones are actually added to give that smooth, silky feel but often they actually create a moisture barrier and dry out the hair and skin. Moreso, they actually damage the environment as they don’t break down — so we made a conscious choice to make all our products silicone-free. It’s an easy switch to make especially in haircare, shop our silicone-free products here.


Buying bigger quantities of your favourite products can actually help offset pollution AND save you money… so really it’s a win win in our eyes. We also recommend purchasing refillable products where possible to try and minimise plastic-pollution.


Do your research. Brands with a eco-conscious ethos will display information noting their product recycling advice on their website. This information is widely available and those who care about the planet won’t hesitate in letting you know.


Truth is, not only is this a sustainability hack, it’s an all round beauty hack. It’s been proven that make-up wipes are actually an ineffective way of removing make-up and only give the appearance of clean skin. They can clog pores and cause breakouts… no thanks! As single use plastics, makeup wipes pollute our oceans and are killing our planet. Instead, you can switch to eco-friendly (and super effective) alternative in Face Halo. 

For more information on our sustainability ethos, click here. Pop us any questions or suggestions over on IG @weareparadoxx