Did you know that 95% of beauty packaging is single use? This shocking statistic should really make you sit back and think about your plastic consumption. The beauty industry alone creates 142 billion units of plastic packaging. 

This means that these products aren’t able to be recycled + will go to landfill, where they’ll take approx 450 years to decompose. So 95% of all the products you’ve ever owned, still exist on earth 🌎

Here’s how you can make a change...

👉Use multi-purpose products to reduce consumption
👉Place a recycling bin in your bathroom
👉Remove plastic pads from tins before recycling them
👉Remove labels from products before recycling too!
👉Choose #PlasticFreeBeauty products


WE ARE PARADOXX is a beauty brand with environmental and social responsibility at its core. We use aluminium packaging to help fight the war against plastic waste and specifically to reduce the amount of plastic reaching landfill and our oceans. Aluminium can be infinitely recycled without losing its form and grade (unlike plastic), and it lends itself to being reused if not recycled. Recycling plastic or using recycled plastic just isn't enough to protect our environment.

This year we are proud to have launched our first 100% plastic-free collection. With new pourable formulas, we have ditched our plastic pumps for screw caps in our DETOX Collection. So you can step up your haircare regime in style + sustainability with this collection of cleansing and treatment products that will intensify your everyday routine.