Sustainable beauty is not just a trend, it's a movement. Undeniably, women are catalysts in this movement and are changing the face of the industry forever with incredible brands with a conscience. Let's meet the female founders leading the charge in sustainability:


Yolanda Cooper is a leader in sustainable beauty and passionate about ethical sourcing, clean formulations + sustainable packaging.

"When I looked at my bathroom shelf, I saw a huge disconnect in the products I was using. The skincare + cosmetics were all natural, organic and of the highest quality + performance. The hair and bodycare was just....not. No brand was offering products that I connected with. Natural haircare looked and felt lacklustre; and most interesting, innovative brands offered products containing toxic ingredients.

So I created WE ARE PARADOXX, the cool, clean and sustainable hair + body brand."



Anna Brightman founded Upcircle alongside her brother Will when corporate careers left them feeling downtrodden. Having found out that lots of skincare ingredients ended up in landfill, inspiration struck and Upcircle was bown. They source natural ingredients (coffee grounds) and repurpose them into sustainable skincare products.


Eliza Flanagan's ambition is to make refills mainstream, by making them more desirable and convenient, whilst reducing our consumption of single-use plastics in the home. In short, KANKAN put soap in cans. Natural, vegan, free from nasties, filled with nourishing botanicals. For hand, body and baby. One tree is planted for every can sold via One tree planted.


Having launched BYBI Skincare in Feb 2017, Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic took the clean beauty scene by storm. BYBI provides transparency and innovation in natural beauty to bring high performance skincare products. Everything they make is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty and promotes fresh, glowing skin, always.


CIRCLA Founder, Claudia Gwinnutt set out in pursuit of a planet positive beauty regime. Circla provides a curated selection of personal care products and brands that are kinder to your body and the planet. Everything can be refilled as needed to help save our planet from single use plastic.


Mother and Daughter, Donna and Kim, are the founders and girl bosses of West Barn Co.®, a company that focuses on creating high quality brow and skin prep products for professional makeup artists.


Jo Chidley is a Chemist, Herbal Botanist, beekeeper and natural beauty products lover and is committed that Beauty Kitchen 100% makes a difference, from ensuring all ingredients are effective and sustainable, using pre-cycled packaging and committing 2% of sales to charitable causes including the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda and The Seahorse Trust.

For more information on our story, you can view our Philosophy - which talks all things ethos, sustainability and more.