We Are Paradoxx is Clean. Conscious. Beauty.

We are environmentally responsible, socially conscious; and we make damn good haircare and hair-tech products. We create high performance, natural hair + body care. All our products are:

Clean / 100% toxin-free / organic + natural extracts / vegan / 90% plastic-free / paraben, perfume + alcohol free / cruelty-free / ethical + sustainable / gluten-free / synthetic fragrance-free / eco-friendly / mineral oil-free / SLES + SLS free.

We Are Paradoxx is PETA and Leaping Bunny approved vegan and cruelty-free. We never use animal by-products in our formulations and we have never and will never test our products on animals. We only source from suppliers who do not test on animals. So the raw ingredients in all of our formulations will always be vegan and cruelty-free.

We use 90% plastic-free packaging and sustainability lies at the heart of what we do. We use infinitely recyclable aluminium packaging + source ethically + responsibly.

We Are Paradoxx launched with a focus on reducing the amount of plastic waste infiltrating our environment; and changing attitudes towards plastic packaging.We remain committed to removing and reducing the amount of plastic entering our eco-system. Being plastic-free drives every decision we make. From the components we use for our products, to how you receive your products in the post; and new innovations we are funding to further advance the plastic-free offering. We will not stop until it is viable for the beauty industry as a whole to go plastic-free. We are the plastic free beauty company.

Gender? Whatever. However you identify, get high performance products that will complement your hair + skin type.

Our founder, Yolanda Cooper is the mastermind behind we are paradoxx, she recalls that, "It all started with a "Eureka" moment when I invented the world's first 3-in-1 cordless hair tool that straightens, waves and curls."

She further explained her dedication to clean, conscious beauty, "Then, when I looked at my bathroom shelf, I saw a huge disconnect between the products I was using. The skincare, body care and cosmetics were all natural, organic and of the highest quality and performance. The haircare was just...Not. No brand was offering products that I connected with. Organic haircare looked and felt lacklustre; and most interesting, innovative brands offered products containing toxic ingredients. So, I created We Are Paradoxx, for good hair with good conscience."