Plastic Free July is an opportunity to make a small change individually, in order to make a global impact collectively.


Hot on the heels of Plastic Free Beauty Day on June 17th, Plastic Free July encourages us to attempt a plastic-free month. If Plastic Free Beauty Day inspired you to reduce the plastic packaging you use, why not try going plastic free for July?


Small changes to your routine can make a huge difference to our environment.

Buy loose fruit + veg and carry your own plastic-free shopping bags

BYO reusable water bottle anywhere you go - don’t buy single-use plastic bottles

Choose personal care products that avoid plastic - reducing plastic in the bathroom is vital due to poor recycling


So why should we go plastic free? Every single piece of plastic ever made still exists, and over half of all plastic was produced in the last 15 years. If we don’t act now, it will be too late. Recycled and bio-plastics will not change the fact that plastic pollution is killing marine life and infiltrating water systems globally.


Is recycling not good enough? The simple answer is no. While it would be great if more of us recycled regularly from our bathroom (only 50% of us do), plastic degrades every time it is recycling and eventually will end up as micro plastics, no matter what we do. The micro plastics problem has no solution - the only way to prevent more micro plastics from entering our eco-systems is to stop using plastic completely.


Where to start? Going plastic free can seem overwhelming, we have become very dependant on it. But there are simple steps to reducing and removing plastics from your routine which will make a positive impact on the world around us.



REFUSE single use plastics

REDUCE your use of plastic

REUSE what you have

RECYCLE when you can’t reuse


Pledge to take the Plastic Free July Challenge and find out more ways to replace plastics: