WE ARE PARADOXX is The Plastic-Free Beauty Company. For us, this means proudly exhibiting our passion for the beauty industry + the plastic-free packaging alternatives that can be used. 

All our products are housed in 90-100% plastic-free packaging made from aluminium or stainless steel, which are infinitely recyclable materials - unlike plastic. No matter how many times it is recycled, it maintains its grade and can be reused in the same form. Whatsmore, when plastic degrades it releases toxic chemicals into our oceans which directly harms marine life. 

So everytime you pop your WE ARE PARADOXX products in your recycling bin, you can rest assured that you aren't contributing to plastic pollution + rather you are helping save the planet. 

Because sustainability lies at the heart of what we do, we try to make recycling our products as easy + hassle-free as possible. Here's what you need to do:

Adhere to your curbside recycling instructions. These can change based on where you live - double check what your council will accept.

Products with 10% or more formula won't be able to be recycled.

Rinse your empties with water to ensure that they are clean + able to be recycled. 

Remove the necessary elements like springs, lid liners + labels.
Remember, recycling each product is different.


This is our easy how-to guide for recycling each component:




  1. Peel off the label + remove any lid liners on the products.
  2. Ensure all formula is removed from the product.
  3. Recycle the aluminium container as per your curb side recycling instructions.


  1. Peel off label, remove the lid + screw off the sprayer or pump.
  2. Ensure the formula is removed + the product is clean.
  3. Use a nutcracker to separate metal spring from plastic pump or sprayer.
  4. Split these elements according to your curb side recycling instructions. 

For more information on recycling your WE ARE PARADOXX products, you visit our Recycling Guide or to ask us any specific questions get in touch with us via Instagram DM.