World Sustainability Day 2019

world sustainability day we are paradoxx

Wednesday 23rd October marks World Sustainability Day 2019. But sustainability isn’t just for businesses – every single person can make a difference. You can get involved by doing something as small as walking to work instead of driving your car, using a reusable coffee cup or by going paperless for work! It really is that easy. 

At WE ARE PARADOXX, we promote our ethics of sustainability in everything we do. Most recognisably, our statement packaging is up to 90% plastic free. This packaging can be reused, recycled and upcycled in so many ways to help improve the overall sustainability of our brand. Little known fact – every piece of plastic ever created, still exists! We recognise the scale of which the beauty industry uses plastic and other unsustainable materials, therefore we’re committed to supporting all elements of sustainable beauty.

world sustainability day we are paradoxx

1% for the Planet

Another key element in our pledge to be as sustainable as possible is our involvement with
1% for the Planet. This is a global movement which businesses to commit 1% of annual revenue to environmental nonprofit organisations around the world. These organisations are working together toward a common goal: protecting the future of our planet.

Plastic Free Beauty Day

This year also marked the inaugural year of our campaign Plastic Free Beauty Day, which we celebrated on 17th June.  Making a pledge to rethink, reduce and remove plastic beauty from your life. We made quite the statement with our 8ft lipstick recycling bin in central London, encouraging consumers to be environmentally responsible. To join our fight to make the necessary changes in the beauty industry – sign the pledge! 

world sustainability day we are paradoxx

World Sustainability Day was created to remind the community of the importance of caring for the environment and the steps to do so, putting the topic of sustainability on the global stage. Celebrated on the last Wednesday of every October, schools, companies and organizations dedicating the day to living sustainably. 

For even more ways to be sustainable in your beauty routine, check out some plastic free beauty brands that are doing things differently – or to add yourself or your business to pledge visit 1% for the Planet. 

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