Winter Haircare: Game Changer Multi-Task Hair Mask

winter haircare we are paradoxx game changer hair mask

The days shorter, nights are longer – but on the plus side you have more time to pamper yourself! Preparing your hair for the seasonal change is essential when considering the damage a cold snap can have on your hair. 

When the temperature changes we turn up the central heating in our houses and workplaces, then we’re met with the harsh reality when we venture outside – it is really freaking cold!  The changes in temperature means your hair is more likely to be brittle and break when any styling is attempted! 

winter haircare we are paradoxx game changer hair mask

That’s where Game Changer Hair Mask comes in. Give your hair a completely new lease of life with the most flexible hair mask on the planet! 

Forget planning when to wash + use a mask, Game Changer is perfect for a quick pamper or a full night of luxury. You can apply the mask for 5 minutes or 24 hours – but the longer the better! Guaranteed to strengthen and condition in just five minutes but for real impact leave-in overnight. 

We aim to use as many natural extracts as possible when creating our products and true to form, Game Changer is 96% natural. It also has no parabens + PEGs whilst being totally vegan and cruelty-free! Use it your way, apply to wet, dry or towel-dried hair. 

Formulated with kelp seaweed for rejuvenation and repair + fragranced with organic oils and extracts, it’s the only treat you hair will need this winter. With these magic ingredients, it’s hard to know why you wouldn’t use Game Changer Hair Mask:

game changer winter haircare

x Kelp Seaweed – improves hair texture

game changer winter haircare

x Argan and Coconut Oil – restores damaged hair

game changer winter haircare

x Avocado Oil – hydrate + condition

x Ginseng – helps to strengthen + tame frizz

All these dreamy extracts are perfect for restoring your dull damaged or dry hair from the worst of the winter, into astonishingly healthy looking hair! We also recommend using Game Changer as a finishing cream to smooth frizz and add shine for luxe locks. 

So whether you’re cuddling up for a night of luxury or getting glammed for a night on the tiles, Game Changer is the answer to your haircare prayers! 

Top Tip: You can even reuse the tin + upcycle to store jewellery or any other small items. The aluminium packaging means it’s a great decoration piece that’s eye-catching but durable too.

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