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beauty banks supernova black friday

It’s that time of year again. And no we’re not talking about the festive season with big hair and sparkly dresses. We’re referring to the biggest shopping day of the year… BLACK FRIDAY. Closely followed by CYBER MONDAY. We feel our purses shivering with fear. But Black Friday isn’t for another week? However, it’s all beginning to kick off now. The pre-Black Friday hype literally has us like…

We do things differently at WE ARE PARADOXX and Black Friday is absolutely no different. Instead of discounting our brand new cordless 3-in-1 hair tool SUPERNOVA we’ll be donating our haircare range to Beauty Banks across the UK.

Beauty Banks

Beauty Banks is a non-profit organisation that functions like foodbanks but with essential personal care & beauty items instead. 

All items donated to Beauty Banks are collected, re-packaged and distributed to different charity partners all over the UK. This includes registered foodbanks & shelters who ensure donations get to those who need them most. 

Their mission is simple: to provide essential supplies to people who can’t afford them, via partner charities across the UK. Beauty Banks isn’t a physical “bank” as such; instead supplying local organisations who may not have our contacts.

 Initially Beauty Banks was founded by Sali Hughes and Jo Jones, journalists who were inspired when filming a report on homelessness, Sali found a small box under the front desk of a shelter. 

“In it were single tampons, disposable razors, mini toothpaste tubes and mismatched tablets of soap. These were donated by members of staff and volunteers, so that when homeless clients had a job or a housing interview, a health appointment, a period, they could access the hygiene essentials most of us are able to toss into a shopping trolley with scarcely a thought.”

We stand with Beauty Banks in the belief that being clean should not be a luxury. It is an honour to donate our products to such a worthwhile cause. We hope you will support this initiative as our way of celebrating Black Friday. Just another way we stand for good hair and good conscience, and always will. 

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