Plastic Myths Unveiled…with We Are Paradoxx

The global beauty industry produces over 142 BILLION UNITS of packaging every year. Did you know that very piece of plastic ever made still exists? CRAZY isn’t it!

There is lots of conversation around reclaimed, recycled, recyclable and bio plastics, whilst brands try to showcase to their consumer that they are being more conscious with their choices. The realty? There is no such thing as “good plastic”, ALL types 

plastic can still end up in the sea or landfill.

AND, did you know – Plastic takes up to a million years to disintegrate and releases toxic chemicals as it breaks down? AND, that 91% of plastics ever made have not been recycled?

We need to make a change. The Beauty industry and its contribution to this must change. With beauty you can buy cruelty-free, sulphate-free, paraben-free; why not plastic free?

Most plastic is too expensive to recycle. We incinerate 6x as much plastic as we recycle or ends up in landfill, and a third in fragile ecosystems such as the world’s oceans.

AND, until we are able to move away from plastic, we need to be better educated on HOW to recycle! Here are some easy changes to make to your daily life that will help to make a big difference… 

  • If you want to recycle in household waste you have to make sure they are clean!
  • Use a nut cracker on any plastic pumps, to remove the metal spring and then both elements can be recycled!
  • Put a second bin or even a bag on the back of your bathroom door, to collect all recyclable items from your bathroom – only 52% people claim to do this currently! This is such an easy step, which if everyone did, could make a huge impact.
  • Glass containers, as long as they are clean, can be recycled in bottle banks/glass recycling (preferably not in household recycling). 
  • Containers made of mixed materials or with mirrors cannot currently be recycled and need to go into black wheelie bin.
  • Nail polishes cannot be recycled no matter what, because of the toxic chemicals, even if they are cleaned out. So must go to landfill (think of all the nail/beauty salons!)
  • Some recycling centres have also said NOT to remove the labels on packaging so that it’s clear for their recycling centres to know what was originally in the items (chemicals/toxic level etc). So really mixed messages on this one.
  • Mixed materials also refers to any palettes etc with magnets in them (in their opening/closing function, or even with eyeshadows etc).So if something has a magnet and a mirror in it then you need to rip it apart or goes to landfill.

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