The WE ARE PARADOXX 1-1-1 Promise

WE ARE PARADOXX is about more than just good hair which is why our motto is ‘Good Hair. Good Conscience.’

We care about our customers and have carefully considered every ingredient we put into our products so that you get the most powerful, enjoyable and cleanest experience from each one. Our products are completely toxin-free which means there are no hidden nasties for you to be worried about.

Equally importantly, we also care about the part our company can play in environmental sustainability. We source organic and natural ingredients where possible and we are vegan and cruelty-free. Our products are all around 90% natural and organic and tested on ourselves – never animals. Additionally, our packaging is as plastic-free as we can get – and we’re working on making that 100% plastic-free!

We also care about other stuff…like homelessness, equality, children in need and female causes. It’s not about ticking the CSR tickbox, it’s about paying it back in ways it matters to us most. For this reason, we have developed our ‘1-1-1 Promise’.

1-1-1 stands for 1% of turnover, 1 volunteer week per year and 1 donated product per day. As proud members of the charity body 1% for the Planet, we have committed to donating 1% of our annual turnover to environmental causes certified by the 1% for the Planet. This money will go towards reducing the plastic in our oceans, planting more trees, developing more wild garden areas to encourage pollination and support the bee population, and hundreds of other campaigns to support the environment.

We care about our staff and causes that are close to their hearts. Getting the time and opportunity to give back to your community is so rewarding and can improve mental wellbeing, physical health and general motivation. We encourage our team to support local charities and causes that matter to them. For this reason, one additional week of annual leave is given to every employee so they can choose to spend it supporting a local social cause they care about.

Finally, we care about those less fortunate than ourselves, and recognise that everyone has the right to personal hygiene, feeling good and looking good, regardless of their circumstance. That is why we will donate the equivalent of one product per day to those in need every year. As the business grows, so will our giving, and we hope that eventually we will be donating a product every minute to help those in need.

Combined, these initiatives form our ‘1-1-1 Promise’. For more information on this initiative, please contact Claire.

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