Our Approach to packaging and WHY it’s better…

With only 52% of us recycling in the bathroom in the UK, the onus is still very much being placed on the consumer to fix this problemat We Are Paradoxx, we don’t believe that this is right NOR do we believe this will help solve the issue.

It is down to the brands to make better choices, and now they can. 

We believe that by all brands transitioning to aluminium (it can be recycled on an INFINITE loop!), this will make a huge impact on the wider contribution of the beauty industry to the current plastic crisis.

Why Aluminium? 

  • Aluminium is the only material that can be recycled on an infinite loop
  • No matter how many times it is recycled, it maintains its grade and can be reused in the same form.
  • Using recycled aluminium requires only 8% of the energy of producing new aluminium. And, it can be used again and again without degradation.
  • 55% of aluminium cans are currently recycled correctly compared to 34% of glass containers!
  • It takes 500 years for aluminium to decompose versus millions of years for glass.

Not only are they good for the environment but we believe they look better too…and soon you will be able to buy aluminium tube refills for all of our products to allow you to reduce your packaging consumption by reusing all of our bottles.

You have switched your water bottle, your coffee cup AND your straw, so it’s now time to take the plunge and do the same for your bathroom!

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