WE ARE PARADOXX is a proud Irish brand with extracts native to Ireland in every product you’ll find in our hair care collection. But have we just put Irish ingredients in there because we’re Irish, we hear you ask? NO! We have included these incredible extracts because they are feckin’ fantastic for your hair! Join us on a 2 minute journey round the beautiful island while we show you just how class these extracts really are.

Carrageen Moss

Natural hair care blogs have been singing the praises of this hidden gem for years, thanks to its benefits for curly hair. It is known for strengthening hair and fortifying hair fibres; adding hydrating moisture and enhancing shine; and conditioning. It is gentle on skin and soothes the scalp while smoothing hair.



Kelp Seaweed

Dubbed the new kale by folks in the know, Kelp seaweed is bursting with fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that your hair will just die for. It helps keep your scalp hydrated, leading to more conditioned hair, and it is also known to leave hair looking and feeling thicker.


White Nettle

Nettle has not only health and skin benefits; but is also great for your hair too. It encourages a healthy shine and can stimulate regrowth. Additionally, it makes a great scalp treatment for flaky or dry skin.



Red Clover

Red clover, also known as the elusive Irish shamrock, strengthens hair, adds volume and leaves hair shiny and healthy looking. It also works to soften hair, making it feel conditioned and more easily managed.


Celtic Sea Salt

The lesser known Celtic sea salt is actually nutritionally superior to Himalayan salt. With that in mind, it has lots of hidden health benefits for the body both inside and out. Specifically for hair, Celtic sea salt stimulates healthy hair growth and strengthens hair follicles. It also encourages a healthy scalp.



Hops Extract

Hops Extract – more commonly found in beer than shampoo – gives a natural shine to the hair and encourages less hair fall. It has been used as an at-home remedy for hair for centuries and now you know why!


Irish Whiskey

Similarly to hops, people have been adding whiskey to DIY hair treatments for years as it offers a natural glossy shine and really conditions the hair. It’s far healthier for you applied topically than it is ingested!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the deadly extracts we’ve incorporated into our hair care collection. We can’t wait for you to try them and see for yourself how good they are for your hair!

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