There are some hair trends that we just can’t get enough of at the minute so WE ARE PARADOXX HQ has experienced a flurry of activity as we try recreating all of our favourite styles! Let us know what you think of our efforts, and which hair trends you’re loving at the moment over on our insta page using #MYXXHAIR to be featured.

Space Buns

Super simple to achieve but such a class look for a night out. Spray on hair colours can ramp it up for a true party look and the higher you place them, the more dramatic the impact.


Such a classic but you can’t go wrong with a really strong braid and they can take you from Sunday chill to wedding ready depending on the level of intricacy. You’re lucky if, like us, you have a resident braider in the office. If not, prepare for YouTube tutorials becoming your new bff.

The Bob

Long bobs, short bobs, asymmetrical bobs…the opportunities are endless and we are just loving shorter hair right now! You can create so many different looks really quickly and it just looks so good with a Winter bobble hat!

Curtain Bangs

We’ve loved this look for ages but have only just discovered the actual term. It’s a deadly way to embrace that Winter fringe without going for it all guns blazing. Plus it grows out faster so it’s a win-win if you’re not 100% convinced on the fringe look.

Pink Hair

Pink hair is kind of becoming our Founder’s signature look. It’s so pretty but can look super edgy too with a deep, dark root. If only we could get organic colour to stay in our hair a little longer but it’s great for big events and occasions, and we’re learning to embrace the faded look now too!


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