Blow Drying is bad for your hair

While overheating your hair during styling for extended periods of time will cause damage to your hair, some studies have shown that leaving it to dry completely naturally can also cause damage within the hair strands. So cut down your blow-dry time with our CLIMAX Volume Tonic, which will cut down your blow time, and reduce the heat on your blower. Easy!

Wearing your hair up too much will make it fall out

Constantly scraping your hair back into a super tight pony or braids will be tough on your tresses long-term, but a loose up-do or top knot is gentle on the hair and using invisi-bobbles or similar will ensure the pull isn’t too tight. So maybe loosen up during the week and keep the ultra-slick fashion look for the weekend.

Rinsing with cold water will improve your hair health

Step away from the temperature dial and enjoy your warm shower for as long as you like. Your hair is made up of dead cells and so hot and cold water will have no impact on it. If you’re looking for smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair, choose a hero treatment instead – our Secret Weapon Conditioner will give you a super glossy finish and you don’t need to freeze in the process!

Shampoos lose their effect after long term use

If you want more volume than your colour-safe shampoo can provide, or you’re prone to frizzy, dry hair during the summer and that sensitive-scalp shampoo isn’t going to cut it, then go right ahead and change up your shampoo as and when you want to. But if your hair needs remain constant and you just want clean, healthy, glossy locks 365 days of the year? Your shampoo will never stop working so stick to our Super Natural Shampoo and you can’t go wrong.

Cutting your hair makes it grow faster

Hair grows from the top down (obviously) and is made up of dead cells. So cutting the ends definitely won’t impact how quickly it grows. It will however, make the hair you have look healthier, fuller, and prevent breakages (which technically will make it longer!) So stick to your routine cuts every 8-12 weeks, but don’t expect dramatic growth if you choose to go for the chop more regularly.

Dry Shampoo is better than washing your hair

It’s true that you shouldn’t over-wash your hair, but dry shampoo doesn’t actually wash it at all, it just absorbs the oils to prevent it looking greasy. So if you’re trying to wash your hair less to give it a break and you’re self-conscious about it between washes, then dry shampoo is definitely for you. Otherwise, you just can’t beat clean shampoo with clean water.

Eating your crusts will give you curly hair

Probably the most disappointing myth of all – unfortunately all the crusty bread in the world won’t give you those coveted curls (but don’t let that stop you eating it!) If you can’t be bothered using hair tools and you want the closest things to curls you can get with naturally straight hair, our FIECE Celtic Salt Spray will give you beach waves that look good whatever the weather.

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