Five Minute Heatless Hairstyles

heatless hairstyles we are paradoxx

Does anyone REALLY have time for a full hairstyle routine in the morning? Maybe in an ideal world! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite five minute hairstyles, perfect for transforming your hair and your morning routine. With these hairstyles you don’t have to compromise on good hair for a busy morning!

Barettes and Brooches

So simple, but so chic! You can go from bland to brilliant in seconds with the addition of a barrette or hair brooch. Try stacking barrettes for an instantly edgy look that says runway ready with very little effort involved. 

Messy Bun

heatless hairstyles we are paradoxx

Ah the messy bun, totally on purpose styled to perfection or just winging it? No matter what means, as long as your messy bun looks chic! Add some Climax Volume Tonic before styling to add volume to your hair, giving lift at the root and ensuring you can style to perfection.


Forget the playground look, swap your standard braid for a fishtail alternative. Super quick but super effective! Don’t be afraid to loosen the braids for a tousled messy-esque look. Why not try it for yourself?!

heatless hairstyles we are paradoxx
heatless hairstyles we are paradoxx

Half up, Half Down

One for the indecisive in us, half up half down is the perfect answer. Not only can this be achieved within the five minute rushed morning time frame but it gives you the best of both worlds. Accessorise with a scrunchie or headscarf to add an extra element! You could also add in some Fierce Sea Salt Spray to add texture to your overall look.

Space Buns

Leave the festival season behind but keep the cute hairstyle! In just a few minutes, your hair is out of your face and you’re ready to take on the day. This could also be used for any last minute nights out or to transform your look from desk to date night.

Check out all the products we used in this blog below! Here’s to having kickass heatless hairstyles!

heatless hairstyles we are paradoxx

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