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Why natural is so much better for your hair AND your scalp!

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When you apply products to your hair and scalp, they get absorbed by your skin and make their way into your body. If we are so concerned about what we are putting on our skin, we should be equally concerned about what we are putting on our scalps… The natural and organic beauty movement has swept across skincare in […read more]


WE ARE PARADOXX is a proud Irish brand with extracts native to Ireland in every product you’ll find in our hair care collection. But have we just put Irish ingredients in there because we’re Irish, we hear you ask? NO! We have included these incredible extracts because they are feckin’ fantastic for your hair! Join […read more]


If you’re anything like us, you’ll have spent a lot of time getting to grips with skincare – what works, what doesn’t, what contains ingredients that you should DEFINITELY avoid, and what ingredients you can’t live without. What we put on our skin is really important, and skin doesn’t stop at our hairline. What we […read more]


Blow Drying is bad for your hair While overheating your hair during styling for extended periods of time will cause damage to your hair, some studies have shown that leaving it to dry completely naturally can also cause damage within the hair strands. So cut down your blow-dry time with our CLIMAX Volume Tonic, which […read more]


There are some hair trends that we just can’t get enough of at the minute so WE ARE PARADOXX HQ has experienced a flurry of activity as we try recreating all of our favourite styles! Let us know what you think of our efforts, and which hair trends you’re loving at the moment over on […read more]