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Environmental and social features

#WorldCleanUpDay 2019

This Saturday, 21st of September sees World Clean Up Day take over the globe. As an International initiative that unites 157 countries to bring awareness to, and to take action to rid our planet of rubbish. Around the world people will clean up litter and mismanaged waste from our beaches, rivers, forests, and streets. World […read more]

Why natural is so much better for your hair AND your scalp!

Good Hair

When you apply products to your hair and scalp, they get absorbed by your skin and make their way into your body. If we are so concerned about what we are putting on our skin, we should be equally concerned about what we are putting on our scalps… The natural and organic beauty movement has swept across skincare in […read more]

Plastic Myths Unveiled…with We Are Paradoxx

The global beauty industry produces over 142 BILLION UNITS of packaging every year. Did you know that very piece of plastic ever made still exists? CRAZY isn’t it! There is lots of conversation around reclaimed, recycled, recyclable and bio plastics, whilst brands try to showcase to their consumer that they are being more conscious with their choices. […read more]

The WE ARE PARADOXX 1-1-1 Promise

WE ARE PARADOXX is about more than just good hair which is why our motto is ‘Good Hair. Good Conscience.’ We care about our customers and have carefully considered every ingredient we put into our products so that you get the most powerful, enjoyable and cleanest experience from each one. Our products are completely toxin-free […read more]


100 People Who Care – Belfast is a wonderfully simple but impactful way for people to give back to local causes and charities. The team behind WE ARE PARADOXX wanted to make a difference but couldn’t choose just one cause to support. We wanted to give big but knew our offering wouldn’t make a huge […read more]