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SUPERNOVA THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL HAIR TOOL | WE ARE PARADOXX | Vegan Cruelty-free Plastic Free Sustainable Natural Haircare


Don't hate us, but "holiday hair" is definitely a thing. Whether you are venturing into humidity - hello frizz! - or you are planning a staycation in the UK and Ireland, the weather can be, well, changeable at best. Plus let's not even discuss the drama of taking multiple hair tools with you to create different looks!

That's why we created Supernova. The World's First Cordless 3-in-1 Hair Tool, that's a straightener, wand + tong all in one. 

It all began in Dublin Airport, when our Founder, Yolanda Cooper was struggling with her luggage bring overweight. As she fought with her belongings, it suddenly occurred to her that it was no wonder her case was over the limit - she had brought THREE different corded tools. Surely there had to be another way?! And thus, Supernova was born. 

So if you are a wanderluster, a busy mum or a girl-on-the-go, here's why Supernova is the only travel companion you need in your life:

  • 3-in-1: Supernova is a straightener, wand and tong, all in one. So there is no picking and choosing between which styler you'd prefer to bring on your holiday - simply bring Supernova with you and create waves and curls or sleek and straight - and everything in between, the possibilities are endless!

  • LIGHTWEIGHT + TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Supernova is incredibly lightweight, which was one of our key must-haves in it's creation. This is a travel tool, so it couldn't be too big or too heavy to carry on your bag or take up beloved space in your hand luggage.

  • UNIVERSAL VOLTAGE: You can take Supernova with you wherever you go, so if you are holidaying in Mykonos or have retreated to the Lake District, Supernova is always on hand to make styling easier.

  • COMPLETELY CORDLESS: Supernova is a revolutionary cordless tool that means you can literally take it anywhere, plus more tripping over plugs, tangling wires or worrying that you left it on at home!

  • HUMAN TOUCH ACTIVATION: Supernova is activated only by human touch so it will never turn on in your bag, so you can finish styling and off you go!

  • HEAT-PROOF POUCH: Supernova comes with a complimentary heat-proof bag that allows you to ‘style on the go’ with no waiting around. So whether you are running for the bus or a taxi, having dinner and want to top up your style - Supernova has your back.

  • FULL-SIZE PLATES: Supernova has full-size ceramic tourmaline plates that will glide through your hair like silk. These are full-size to ensure that performance was never compromised - even with a travel friendly tool.