Sexy beach waves with some signature accessories are the perfect way to bring that little bit of seaside glam to the red carpet. Use supernova’s wave function to create these beautiful beachy waves, then add fierce sea salt spray for flexible hold and irresistible texture.

The perfect pony just got better! This voluminous ponytail is created using supernova’s tong function for tight curls that are then brushed out. Then style in a loose ponytail and wrap na extra strand of hair around the hair tie to conceal it! Remember to spritz some climax volume tonic in your roots before blowdrying for that extra va-va-volume! 

Short hair? No problem! This gorge loose braid makes the most of your trimmed tresses, taking large segments of hair plait as normal then ruffle and pull out parts of the plait to give that messy look. Simply use hangover hair elixir to tame any excessive flyaways or place in the ends for that extra tlc! 

Beautiful messy bun, get that red carpet look done! Messy buns are an art form in themselves, make it super classy by using supernova to curl those curls around your face then finish by using secret weapon conditioner as a multi-tasking finishing balm! 

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