CRUSHING IT Scalp + Body Scrub is HERE. Say hello to the ultimate regenerative treatment from head to toe.

Press reset on your scalp and skin with this gentle but powerful Celtic sea salt scrub. It will deeply cleanse and sensitively exfoliate while conditioning, softening and soothing skin.

Scalp care is incredibly important for healthy hair and CRUSHING IT Scalp + Body Scrub will help remove product build-up, remedy dryness and soothe your scalp, encouraging the growth of healthy hair.

Macadamia oil encourages recovery from environmental stressors, Jojoba oil moisturises skin and strengthens hair and Lavender oil gives calming relief to irritated scalps or dry skin.

Rich in vitamin C, B, C, copper and zinc; this scrub will hydrate, renew and restore skin.

Crushing It is 91% natural, vegan, cruelty-free with no sulphates. Use in the morning or at night, once a week as an alternative to your shampoo. This indulgent mix of calming + invigorating essential oils including lavender, chamomile, bergamot + eucalyptus will leave your skin and hair smelling like a spa. 

Use as an alternative to shampoo once a week to detox your scalp. Massage into your body or scalp to gently exfoliate. 

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