October 1st marks National Hair Day 2020. As a natural, cruelty-free + vegan haircare brand we recognise how important it is to look after your hair first and foremost. That's why we created powerful, natural haircare that really works.

We are...

♻︎ 90% plastic-free
🌿 organic + up to 100% natural
🐰 vegan & cruelty-free
🧴 no parabens / no PEGS / no sulphates / no perfume / no mineral oil / no toxins / no silicones
🌍 1% of every purchase goes to @1percentftp

That's right, our haircare is suitable for ANY hair type. No matter if your hair is coily, curly or poker straight – WE ARE PARADOXX has something for everyone. Whether it's detoxing + clarifying your scalp, repairing damaged hair or getting gorgeous volume - we've got a product for that! 

Looking after our crown is important! Check out our Instagram stories to get the lowdown on hairstyles we LOVE.